In Spring 2020, The Synod of Lincoln Trails along with its commissioners, Executive Presbyters, and the Board of Directors distributed over $160,000 in SOLT funds to support 800 saints with ministries that stretch over Indiana & Illinois – via churches, hospitals, hospices, senior care facilities, universities, seminaries, prisons, camps, conference centers and other not-for-profits. The Synod wanted to encourage ministers to practice self- care while managing the changes in their ministries because of COV-19. They were so grateful! Please see below some of the responses we received.

I don’t even know where to begin! The gift I received yesterday is most likely the most grace-filled event for quite some time! Thank you from the bottom of my heart.


I have no words to express my appreciation for this gift, but more importantly, for the acknowledgement of my ministry. It is easy to feel disconnected when you aren’t serving a church, but acts like these remind me of my connection to so many.

GG (Chaplain)

I was so pleasantly surprised by the generous and thoughtful gift from SOLT.  It meant so much to know that our leaders were mindful of the challenging times we all face together.


$200 to enjoy some carry out meals, to catch up on some bills, to fill up the gas tank a few times, to pass along to those who need it more than me.  Thanks so much to you and to the Synod for the surprising gift! These are tough times to be clergy and a show of support like this means so much.


Your gift of $200 was most greatly appreciated. As a small congregation, where funds are ALWAYS tight and a concern, it was such a need meeting and encouraging gift. Thanks! And just as much, if not more so, this letter accomplishes much the same. I was uplifted by your thoughts and by your kind words. Thank you so much for telling us all some much needed and soul/spirit benefitting gratitude for what we do in the days we are in.