Application Process

  • Mission Initiative Grants are one-time grants of ‘seed’ money to help begin new congregation based missional activities.
  • Missional activities, in this sense, means hands on mission in your community that is more participant driven than financially driven.
  • These grants are for NEW mission endeavors in your community.
  • These one-time grants are for amounts up to $1,500. Grants may be awarded at amounts lower than requested based on both number of grant requests and level of missional participation.
  • Grant recipients will be asked to share progress stories 3 months and 6 months after receipt of the grant.

Please note all applications must have the endorsement of 1) Pastor or Clerk of Session of the congregation applying and 2) Presbytery Stated Clerk.  The Mission Initiative Grant application will include a space to list their name and email addresses.  At application, the Synod will reach out by email to those listed in your completed application for endorsement.  Please ensure that you have made them aware of your application beforehand.

All applications will be reviewed by the Standing Committee on Leadership Development at each Synod meeting with deadlines 2 weeks prior to each meeting. The next deadline is October 10, 2024.


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