SOULstice fuels creativity

Lisa Crismore discovered a new creative practice thanks to participation in SOULstice.

Alcohol ink and YUPO paper is a wonderful way to connect with your inner creativity. Sara Dingman mentioned it during one of our SOULstice Zoom gatherings. When I am needing renewal, I find tapping into my creative self helps fill my well.

My go-to creative practice recently has been fused glass, which I make at my favorite art studio at least once a month. But the alcohol ink and YUPO mini papers are a daily treat I give to myself. It is easy and every creation is unique!

I’ve been a full-time Associate Pastor for 19 years.  It’s demanding and the longer I do ministry, the more I have learned that I must find ways for self-care. I greatly appreciate SOLT and Sara Dingman for offering SOULtice as a reminder that especially during the darkest part of the year, we must feed our souls.


Lisa Crismore is commissioned as an associate pastor at John Knox Presbyterian Church in Indianapolis.

Lisa uses alcohol ink and yupo paper to start and end her days with a creative treat.