Introducing the NEW Synod New Pastors’ Program!

Who is this program for?

  • Newly ordained pastors and associate pastors
  • Newly ordained chaplains
  • Commissioned pastors in their first role
  • Newly ordained pastors serving in validated ministries

What’s the format? 

Ministry is what we do together. Wellspring will focus on annual gatherings and connecting with other newly ordained colleagues. This is a three-year program that will meet each autumn for three nights at a nice location. It will have a cohort, rotational model, with all classes meeting at the same time and at the same location.  All classes will worship together and share meals together, but there will be different programming for each cohort.

The time together will involve time for learning — but take heart: no prep work is required! Free time will have opportunities to choose fellowship together with activities for fun and relaxation — or and space for solitude and rest.

What will participants learn?

Wellspring aspires to build a team for new pastors, across disciplines, so that they have a team of support. There will be coaching, There will be fellowship. Resources and ideas will be shared. Together, pastors will wrestle with challenges like conflict mediation, finding professional balance, navigating grief, and avoiding burnout. Wellspring will help equip new pastors with tools, support, and energy for their new call.

During the first year, there will also be a 90-day companion component for newly ordained pastors. They will be matched with a more experienced pastor from a different presbytery for 90 days after their call starts.

How is this program supported?

The Synod of Lincoln Trails covers the cost of this program. Presbyteries will include Wellspring in terms of call, so that participants do not have to take con ed or vacation time. SOLT will even help with childcare or pet care costs!